Music Texts

A Cantor should always strive to learn the proper and traditional melodies for the hymns and not merely create a melody as he goes along. In this way, the congregation can learn how the hymns are sung.Singing the hymns using their proper melodies also solidifies our worship and allows several Cantors to sing the same hymn in chorus.

Below is a collection of hymns in English using the traditional Greek melodies designated for the hymns. They consist of the Katavasiæ, the Proper Idiomela for major feasts, and occasional pieces, such as Ton Despotin sung when a Bishop recites Cæron.

They do not, however, include Prosomoea hymns, i.e. hymns which have a metrical model, and from which hundreds of metrically duplicated hymns were composed. The most commonly used prosomoea hymns should be committed to memory. Father Seraphim has made a collection of a great number of these hymns in a booklet titled Original Melodies (Item Code MW12), which can be ordered from the Web site of St. Gregory Palamas Monastery.

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